Determining What to Eat or Drink Before a Job Interview

Determining What to Eat or Drink Before a Job Interview.

Eating is essential for us to have energy that will take us through the long day depending on the day’s activities. However, special meals should be considered for a special day like before heading for an interview. A bad diet will end up messing up your day during the interview session with stomach upsets. Below are some foods and drinks you should consider in your diet before the interview;

  1. Fatty acids: Found in kale, eggs, and other sources, they help in building your brain cell membrane as well as forming new brain cells hence making you sharper in answering interview questions.
  2. Vitamins B: Found in peas, spinach, meat or broccoli, and other sources, they essential in taking away anxiety and insomnia making your mind fresh and relaxed. They are also a source of energy and are motivational.
  3. Whole grain: Taking whole grain makes your mind alert, increases your concentration and focus. They contain glucose that is released into our bloodstream and can be found from pasta (brown), brown cereals and many others.
  4. Coffee: Coffee, if taken moderately, acts as a stimulant in our body that makes you alert so that you don’t become tired.

However, there are certain foods and drinks you should also avoid eating or drinking to be on the safe side during the interview day. They include;

  1. Smelly foodstuffs: Avoid onions and garlic from your recipe for at least 24 hours before your interview so that you can have a good breath. The two recipe foods are known to produce bad breath and smelly sweat through sweat glands.
  2. Carbohydrates: A large intake of carbs will bring dizziness, and an interview requires our mind to be alert, it is crucial you avoid them before heading for an interview.
  3. Water: Water is good for hydration but if taken in large quantities will cause your bladder to be full which will make you go to the toilet every after few minutes, and it will not be a good expression before the interviewer.
  4. Carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks have lots of gases that can cause bloating and this will cause a lot of discomforts and pain to your abdomen hence taking away your concentration during an interview.
  5. Alcohol: Alcohol takes away focus, and you appear to fumble with words as you express yourself. Also, it brings terrible smell and isn’t pleasant during an interview.

Final Takeaway

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