Interview Skills Training & Coaching Services

How Does The Service Work?

What You Will Get From the 1 to 1 Interview Coaching Session:

  • 2 hours of face-to-face expert interview coaching.
  • Learn easy ways how to answer difficult competency based interview questions.
  • You will get an instant boost in self-confidence knowing that you can perform better in the future.
  • You will learn how to master your nerves and anxiety, and turn this into a more positive manner.
  • You will learn the importance of positive body language and voice tonality, so that you can use them to your advantage.
  • You will understand that you have incredible potential and that you have so much to offer any employer.
  • Overall, you will be much better equipped and ready to walk into any interview knowing that you can confidently answer any questions that are fired at you.

At Interview Coaching London, We Provide Two Options:

  • 1) Face to Face Appointments
  • 2) Skype Video Appointments

Personal custom-made interview coaching sessions will involve:

  • Practical Mock Interview: This will be customised to your preferred role and industry, with practice for competency, standard, technical, pressure and competency based interview style questioning.
  • Targeted Job Interview Sessions: preparation, including specific research you can do and question prediction, for your targeted role.
  • Story Preparation (STAR Model): We will show you practically how to structure your interview answers to tell and sell your story. Help your interviewer buy into how you can add value to their organisation.
  • Interview Q&A: During the session, feel free to ask us any questions at all concerning preparation, structure, strategic approach, situational, technical, behavioural, and body language.
  • Interview Assessment Centres: Group assignments and interview assessment centres can be a very unnerving experience! We’ll help prepare you to ensure you perform to your best!
  • Concluding interviews: interviews are most definitely a two-way approach. Here you will have the opportunity to quiz your potential employer. We’ll give you some practical advice on the best questions to ask.
  • Confidence Boost: We will give you the encouragement to build your confidence and motivation levels.

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