Knowing Your Greatest Failures And Knowing How To Portray Them Positively In a Job Interview

Knowing Your Greatest Failures And Knowing How To Portray Them Positively In a Job Interview.

We are all faced with challenges along our career paths; hence we have suffered significant setbacks and failures. These setbacks can either be catapults to greatness or reason for our downfall. This depends on how we handle them. A panel may ask about your failures to see how you dealt with them. They may ask with prior knowledge or to obtain first-hand knowledge about it.


Know your weaknesses

Identify your weakness and accept that, that is your weakness. Embrace your vulnerability and make it work to your favor. It’s no shame to own up to a failure. Let your failures to be your strength, a stepping stone to your career success.

Be honest

During the interview be frank about your weakness but avoid going into details about the specific defect. This is especially if it is highly related to the job you are interviewing for. Avoid essential skills you are weak as they may be required during the appointment.

How you’ve conquered the weakness

Make the interviewers aware of the steps you took to conquer and overcome your failures. Be creative when telling a story based on how you defeated your shortcomings.

Don’t prepare an exact response

Have a clear picture of your responses during the interview and even anticipate this question. Don’t have a specific answer to this question as you may have to change your answer as per the job description.

Discuss work-related weaknesses only

Do not deviate to your other inadequacies and failures. Bring forth work related shortcomings and how you tackled each of them. Venturing into personal failures may paint a different image of your personality to the panel.

Avoid mentioning a specific weakness

Do not say that you are a perfectionist or you work too hard, and this will show that you try too much or it is difficult or you to work with other individuals. Be careful while mentioning your weaknesses as they may hinder your chances of getting the job.

Our failures can propel as to greater heights if we have no fear and own up to them. Taking up courage and dealing with our failures shows our commitment and determination to succeed. These are qualities that stand out during an interview. We should not be afraid to fail because without failure we would not have attempted.


Final Takeaway

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